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Right, according to a translation on Wikipedia, this translates to something like “Unravel the mystery behind closed doors game variety DERO Escape!

To begin with the contestants are dragged to the far end of the corridor towards the monster, and three panels block off the corridor, each one with a word ...

An explanation graphic explains the game.

The next game is my personal favourite room. A corridor 15m in length. The contestants are chained by the foot…

If the contestants feel the monster is getting too close they can turn round and punch it on the nose. This will roll it back to the 3m mark but it comes at ...

But that's not the end! To escape the room they must play the Last Answer Quiz. A question comes up with many different answers, the contestants are ...

This guy fumbles the key and gets “squished”. However, he managed to turn the key in time so it's a “stage clear!” for the team, or the two surviving ...

Three platforms have come out of a hole in the wall. Unfortunately the floor the contestants were standing on has retracted to reveal a bottomless pit (the ...

…must crawl through the air duct as fast as they can and hit a button. The button is protected by a panel the contestant has to slide up.

The computer read-out of length is used often throughout the show. This is the end of round one, each team still has their pass.

TORE! - Japanese Mummification Game Show 4

Exit (game show). From Wikipedia ...

The next room is the final of the this week's round two rooms and it's in a quickly shrinking room. Each contestant is harnessed to a wall which is closing ...


Usually there are two teams, but this is a special episode so there are going to be three. Like many Japanese games, ...

Each game is opened with a wireframe schematic. Each game involves the contestants being locked inside a room, and having to solve challenges to unlock it.

Jigsaw anyone?

For Westerners, the terms "insanity" and "Japanese game show" are pretty much synonymous. We see small clips, or read articles about some of the crazier ...

TORE! - Japanese Mummification Game Show 3

Probably not (Source: Quora). When contestants fall, it's onto padding or into a safe pool. The shows play up the danger aspect for ratings and publicity, ...

DERO Gameshow さとあみな AKB48


2013.01.07 TORE 004

At the othyer end of the corridor, the keybox. Put the key in and twist it round. But what happens after the thirty seconds expires?

Panel show. From Wikipedia ...

Dasshutsu Game DERO! (2010, Nippon TV, Japan) – Bother's Bar

120116 TORE! HEY! SAY! JUMP!, SKE48 Jurina, Shiori 3/4


120116 TORE! HEY! SAY! JUMP!, SKE48 Jurina, Shiori 1/4

The tone of most Japanese game shows is a bit silly, yes. It's supposed to be all good fun. But the Western media goes a little overboard with exaggerating ...


Exit,Dero,Tore Game Show Last Part

2013.01.07 TORE 001 2013.01.07 TORE 002

TORE! is a thrilling Japanese TV show. Matsui Jurina is a member of SKE48's Team S and AKB48's Team K. http://stage48.net/wiki/index.php/Matsui_Jurina TORE!

Exit,Dero,Tore Game Show Part 8

Shizuka Rin

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Exit,Dero,Tore Game Show Roblox Part 3

2013.01.07 TORE 031

DERO DAG mining POW in action: https://stats.atlantis.dero.live/

You think Japanese game shows were always freaky? The first one was just called 'Gesture'. I can't find much information about it, but The Atlantic called ...

Exit,Dero,Tore Game Show Roblox Part 2

Tsukino Mito

2013.01.07 TORE 025

Exit,Dero,Tore Game Show Part 6?

Richard Sharpe Shaver. From Wikipedia ...


Exit,Dero,Tore Game Show Part Lucky 7

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DERO 20100630 - Sayaka Akimoto, Sae Miyazawa, Minami Minegishi - Gameshow


Bogan. From Wikipedia ...

Elu the Elf

2013.01.07 TORE 016 2013.01.07 TORE 017

GAME SHOW TORE! HEY! SAY! JUMP!, SKE48 Jurina, Shiori 2 4 1

Dasshutsu Game Dero Variety show where contestants have to escape from locked rooms by answering trivia

DERO! Length of Plank

Nintendo Famicom action game lot of 9 (of which 8 unreleased in Europe) -

Best album

image 0 ...

101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow: Episode 4 - UK Game Show | Full Episode

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Hanging on the TORE Wall

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The Hatter

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Dero Goi. From Wikipedia ...

9 Action Tv Shows Like the Flash

Masachūsettsu Zhōuno Dà Xué: Amāsuto Dà Xuéno Jiào Yuán, U~Iriamuzu Dà Xuéno Jiào Yuán, U~Eruzurī Dà Xuéno Jiào Yuán - Sōsu: Wikipedia | 9781232024255 ...



101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow: Episode 5 - UK Game Show | Full Episode

Digimon Adventure: Cathode Tamer

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